Looking Back On 2016 & Making New Resolutions

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Looking back on 2016, it was a pretty awesome year. I got to traveled to a few amazing places and created so many fun memories. In January, Mike and I went on our first skiing trip together! That was quite the adventure to say the least. I’ll never forget us accidentally taking the wrong ski lift and ending up at the top of a black diamond mountain. I was literally crying the whole way down because I was so terrified. Mind you, this was my second time EVER skiing. haha. In April, we took our first trip out of the country together to Cabo San Lucas. That trip was AMAZING! I also made my first youtube video from that trip and I will link that here if you want to check it out! I also launched the start of my blog that month! In June, Mike and I spent a weekend in Malibu. We stayed at an Airbnb and did all sorts of touristy stuff which was really fun. We also celebrated my families dog Tucker’s first birthday. We even had a little birthday party for him and everything haha. In July, my sister and I went up to LA for the day and explored! In September, I took a trip to Texas to visit some friends and we got to explore Waco, Dallas and Austin. That was such a fun girls trip and I definitely want to make it back to Austin at some point! So much fun!! In November, Mike and I took a trip to Colorado. We did a bunch of hiking and exploring. We visited the Coors Factory and we even spent a day driving through Rocky Mountain National Park. Mike surprised me on Christmas with a video he made from our trip in Colorado, so you can watch that here if you’d like! Overall, last year was a great one and I hope to be able to travel just as much and explore all kinds of new places in the new year!

Kind of switching topics here but I also wanted to include some of my New Years Resolutions in this post in case any of you guys were interested!!

New Years Resolutions:

  1. Be CONSISTENT with my blog: I really really enjoying blogging and sharing things in my life with you guys! I’ve set a goal for myself this year to post at least 2 or 3 times a week! Maybe even more depending on how things go :)! I just want to produce the best content that I can for you guys! And I want to post things that you would like to see!
  2. Get accepted into grad school
  3.  Travel to 2 new place: I love traveling and seeing different places! I think those experiences are so valuable. One of my dreams in life is to travel all over the world! Some places I’m currently dying to visit would be Greece, Maldive, Bora Bora, Iceland, Australia, Costa Rica, India, Bali…the list goes on and on! I would love to travel somewhere out of the country again this year, preferably somewhere tropical! And I would also really love to take a road trip this year too! I think that would be super fun and something new to do.
  4. Drink more water: This is so bad but I just never drink enough water throughout the day. I’ll always buy super cute water bottles to help motivate me to drink more and that will work for a couple of weeks but then I just go back to my old ways. I really want to make a more conscious effort to drink more water because it is so beneficial for you!
  5. Take more pictures: Surprisingly, I don’t take a lot of photos. Especially when I’m hanging out with my friends or doing something with Mike or anything like that. More often than not, I realize I didn’t take a single picture while I’m out doing something. I love looking back at pictures and remember all the fun times so I definitely need to get better at remembering to capture those moments!
  6. Be more present in the moment: I feel like we’re all guilty of this one. It’s hard sometimes because it’s so easy to get consumed in our phones and forget to actually be present in the moment. So, I really going to try to put away my phone and just enjoy the moment.
  7. Attend church regularly
  8. Improve my posture: Ughh! I have such bad posture. I hate it. I always catch myself slouching in my chair and even when I’m standing. It’s so bad. I really need to fix that before it’s too late!

These are a few of the goals I’ve written down for myself! I have a couple other ones as well as some accomplishments I’ve set for myself but those are a little more personal 🙂

Here’s to 2017!  I promise to work hard and bring you guys the best content I possibly can! Thank you so much for supporting me throughout this journey! It’s defineitly been a learning experience and I still have so much more to learn, but I’ve been loving challenging myself! I’ve also loved being able to express myself on this platform and relate to you guys! So thank you thank you thank you for sticking around! I’m so excited to see what 2017 brings! I have a feeling its going to be a good year! Lots of fun, exciting things to look forward too!!


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