Milkmaid Braids


Dress //  Shoes // Bracelet

Last night I went to my sisters graduation cermony for her Masters Degree in Teaching. Such an amazing accomplishment and she should be very proud of herself because I know we all are extremely proud of her! I know she will do many great things in the future and will  impact the lives of so many kids!

I decided to try out a new hairstyle for this event because I’ve been seeing a lot of people rocking this hairstyle lately and I think it looks super cute. I’m not exactly sure what this hairstyle is called because I’ve heard so many people call it different names but I think it’s called “milkmaid braids”. Anyways, it’s super easy to do. All you have to do is braid your hair in 2 braids and wrap each braid around your hair & bobby pin it in place. Looks fancy but it’s super quick and easy to do. Love it! I can make a tutorial on this hair style if anyone is interested but it’s pretty self explaintory and I’m sure there’s a million youtube tutorials on it already!

As for my outfit, I got this maxi dress from Old Navy. It’s so cute and on sale right now for $32. Such a good deal. It’s perfect for the summertime because it’s so lightweight and comfy. And these sandals have been my go-to lately. They are perfect for when you have an event that requires you dress up, like a graduation, a wedding or a nicer dinner. And they’re perfect because they aren’t too casual or too fancy so its a perfect shoes to wear with a dress, romper or jumpsuit.


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